Oving: A Little History Lesson and a Great Pub

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There is a very small village, and I do mean small, in the Aylesbury Vale in Buckinghamshire, England named Oving.  The village is older than the Norman invasion and subsequent conquest of 1066, and we know this because it was recorded in the Domesday Book.  This book was a survey of pretty much every human, every piece of livestock, and every acre of land, amongst other things, in England and parts of Wales.  The survey was commissioned by William the I (the Conqueror) and was…wait for it…for taxation purposes!  He wanted to know who had how much property and how to tax the newly conquered people.  But enough with the history lesson. 

The real reason most people come to THIS Oving (there is also one West Sussex) is the Black Boy pub, although the rest of the tiny village is very pretty too.  This public house, or pub for short, dates back to the early-mid 16th century and it’s absolutely gorgeous inside and out.  The food is pretty amazing, and, as if that wasn’t enough, the view from the back terrace is breathtaking. I have been here twice and both times the weather has been perfect. This last time it was the one warm sunny day sandwiched in between rainy and cold days.  It was perfectly timed.  We ate our delicious lunch while pondering how long  it’s going to be before we decide we’ve had enough of boring South Florida and pick up and move back to the UK, where we can chill like that every Sunday.  We can dream!

Wild mushroom risotto with garlic bread

Fried scampi with chips

The village church, right next to the pub

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