Welcome to “The Serial Hobbyist Girl”

I borrowed this image from Pinterest and couldn’t trace its creator.

Hello and welcome to The Serial Hobbyist Girl!

If you are reading this, chances are you found your way here through one of my previous blogs and are wondering why in the name all that is sane I need yet another blog.  Well, I’ll tell you why: I could not keep up with so many blogs!  I had several active blogs, each dedicated to a particular theme of my crazy, hobby-hopping life and it just got to be unwieldy.  Another problem was that I routinely lost subscribers because I went long periods of time without updating any one particular blog because I was engrossed in something else.  Furthermore, since, as you have probably hypothesized, I am a serial hobbyist, the idea of creating new blogs as new hobbies came up was just ludicrous. So I created this blog as a catch-all for my hobbies, my life, and my musings.  I debated whether I wanted to start fresh or import the content from my previous blogs, and in the end I chose the latter.  This means that even though I am creating a new blog, I have not lost all the wonderful (to me!) content that I have been creating since 2007.  That content reflects my life path in these years and it’s important to me to have accessible, and also I figured I’d be able to redirect the followers of those blogs to this one, like one big happy family 🙂  Remember, if any content from before this post looks funny, it is because it’s a merge of three different blogs, formerly known as “Thyme for Food”, “Sew June!”, and “Have You Seen My Marbles?”  The only active blog that I didn’t incorporate into this one is one called “Food History: Food Through the Ages” because it serves a slightly different purpose and I need it to be freestanding.  But by all means, follow that one too!  Ultimately, I blog for me, in order to keep my thoughts straight, as a way to take notes about projects for reference, and as writing practice, but it’s always nice to have followers and to have someone other than my poor husband read what I write.


So, pull up a chair, catch up on the last few years of the blogs you didn’t know about, and subscribe to the new feed so you don’t miss a post.


If you want to know more about me, or about what it means to be a serial hobbyist, see the About Me section.




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