Doing the Tourist Thing: The Statue of Liberty

Prior to moving to New York City, I had visited a couple of times over the years. Most tourists head straight for the Statue of Liberty, but I managed to never get around to it, even in the couple of months that we’ve been here.  That was until yesterday.  My in-laws are in town visiting, and my son had been asking about it for a while, so I thought this was the perfect time to see Lady Liberty up close and personal.  The tickets to the pedestal and crown were sold out by the time we got to the ferry, at about 10am, so we only got to go on the grounds of Liberty Island, but that was enough.  My son was really upset that we couldn’t go inside thought, so I promised we’d be back at some point for that.  I think I will wait until Fall when it is cooler.

Unfortunately, the light was harsh and the sky uninteresting, which makes for pretty boring pictures.  In order to make them less mundane, I played with some filters and actions. I particularly love the ones that mimic antique photos.  I hope to go back at a better time of day, with better light, and maybe a helicopter.  A girl can dream


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