2015 in Review: This was my year!

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I wasn’t going to write this post, mostly because nothing I say can truly capture what an amazing year I have had, but I decided I needed to try.

I have had good years and bad years in my life, and 2015 was one of the best.  Sure, the year started with me as a nervous wreck waiting for schools to get back to me with admission decisions, but the minute I heard back from the first school I knew my year was made.  That school, the one which I’m currently attending, was one of my top three choices so even if I didn’t get in anywhere else I’d be set. I did get into other schools, and I did also get rejections and it stung, I won’t lie, but I consider myself extremely lucky that I not only got in anywhere at all but that the school was high on my list.  The best part was that my offer was fully funded and in New York City, where I had wanted to live for a long time. The entire situation was a dream come true.  It came with sacrifices; I did have to quit my job and uproot my family (I’m thankful my husband was game!), but sometimes you have to make sacrifices to achieve your goals.

The next amazing thing that happened was that I got into a seminar that I had been attempting to get into for years and it hadn’t worked out for one reason or another. This year I applied, got in, AND was actually able to attend.  I learned tons and made new friends.  The cherry on top was that the seminar was in Harvard’s Schlesinger Library and I could access their archives.  Cambridge, Massachusetts is beautiful in early June!

Right after that we sold or donated most of our stuff, packed our bags, and moved to New York City, and started a YouTube channel to document the whole thing.  We stayed briefly in a short term rental apartment while we looked for more permanent housing.  In the processes, we found this amazing apartment with a huge (for NYC!) kitchen, in a gorgeous neighborhood, close to Prospect Park with only one other apartment in the building.  It was a good find.

Shortly after arriving in NYC I received a cookbook that won in an online giveaway.  I had never won anything in my life before!

The summer was a bit stressful at times as we adjusted to our new life, and because we were too late to register the Monkey for summer camp and so the two of us spent every day together while my husband worked.  I think both of us were very happy when school started again.  I was very nervous about my first day of class but it went better than I anticipated.

Selling the house proved to be more difficult than we expected, and we had some bumps along the way (failed offer, broken AC with water and mold damage!) but everything worked out in the end and the house sold in late September.

The first semester of graduate school went well.  It was definitely difficult, and I often felt out of place and downright dumb, but it is now over and I seem to have done well (one grade is still missing!).  So, all in all, it wasn’t horrible!

That was my year in a nutshell, just the big events.  There were so many little details that made the year amazing that I can’t count, or recall, them all.  I am happy in my new life, we all have settled nicely into our new environment and our routine, and we are all loving New York City.  It is still very early but I can already say that I will miss New York City when I have to leave!

I hope your year was amazing and that 2016 is even better!

Happy New Year!


June, The Serial Hobbyist Girl






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