A Spring Walk Around Prospect Park

One of the main reasons we decided to live in this area of Brooklyn was its proximity to Prospect Park.  Being so close to the park is great not just for taking the kid to the playground, which we do often, but also for running and walking in a safe area where I am not constantly afraid of being run over by cars.  Winter was not a great time in my outdoorsy escapades, I was ill-prepared as far as clothing, but since spring came around, I have been running again, taking long walks around the park, and even hiking in the trails.  The distance around the park is just under 4 miles if you stay on the paved road, but there is plenty of opportunity to leave the pavement and pretend you are somewhere out in the wilderness, far from New York City.  I took these photos on a walk I took about two weeks ago, but since then the park has gotten even more beautiful. Spring is truly in full swing now and there are three cherry trees that have the most gorgeous and perfect cherry blossoms I have ever seen.  It has been wonderful to see the park’s transition through all four seasons, something that I had not truly experienced before.


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