The Cost of the Balkans Trip

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Everyone wants to know how much my trip to the Balkans cost so let’s talk money!

I understand the curiosity, and that people are genuinely interested in the logistics of a trip like this so I kept a spreadsheet with all my expenses so that I could have concrete data for you. You can access the spreadsheet here.

The days that do not have a cost for breakfast is because it was either included in the cost of the accommodation for the night before, or I ate something I bought on a previous day.

This post is in conjunction with the Q&A video on my YouTube Channel so go check that out if you want to know more about finances, safety, and other travel questions.

One thing I forgot to mention on the video is that I also found accommodation through a network of hostels called The Balkan Backpacker.  The hostels are independent but you can find their contact information on the networks’ website.  You can also find them on hostel booking websites, but if you book directly with the hostel and show their flyer you get 10% your stay.  Each Balkan Backpacker hostel will stamp your flyer, and once you have 5 stamps you get a bonus, which depends on the hostel where you get your 5th stamp.

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