Leek and Potato Soup with Ham

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I’m a self-professed Francophile so I’m always eager to try French dishes, especially if I’ve never had them before.  Although not technically French (it is an American version of a traditional French soup), I’ve wanted to try Vichyssoise since I … Continued

Lunch AND Dinner!

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Yesterday was an odd day for me, I actually cooked lunch.  Lunchtime came around and, as usual, I had nothing ready.  I was famished because I had been cleaning the house all morning so I needed something hearty.  I remembered … Continued

Lentil Cottage Pie

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Lentils have become a staple around here.  They are so versatile and tasty. They’ve gone and done it again here. I didn’t miss the meat one bit!  We should really have more vegetarian meals.  We rarely eat red meat at … Continued

Braised Oxtail

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   Every now and again I come across a food or ingredient that I never thought of buying before and that I would not have specifically set to buy but I buy it anyway.  Just for kicks, just for the … Continued