What a Difference!

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I just opened “My Pictures” to process some pictures I took today and opened a folder by accident.  The folder happened to contain some pictures of The Monkey that I took almost exactly 1 year ago (4 days off).  What … Continued

Lost In The Mail

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Once upon a time, I made what now seems like a mistake…..I attended the Univeristy of Maryland University College.  Why a mistake?  Well, getting a transcript from them is probably more difficult and time consuming than getting the President to … Continued


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While not strictly sewing related, it is a big milestone that affects my sewing.  I haven’t been sewing much in the way of garments for me, as I said before, because I am on a weight loss program.  I started … Continued

Hello Geniuses!

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This is not sewing related but I HAVE to share because I am so excited!  A couple of days ago we received some fluffy mail!  It was a bit package with FIFTEEN new Bum Genius 3.0 diapers!!!! WOOT!  That may … Continued