Welcome to my website!

I am June and I have been obsessed with sewing for almost 15 years. After sewing came knitting, naturally.

I would love to tell you that I learned to do these things from my mother or my grandmother as a child, but the truth is, I didn’t start sewing and knitting until pretty well into adulthood. It’s never too late!

As the name of this website implies, I have many hobbies, but the fiber and textile arts (it’s art!), especially sewing, is what I’ve chosen to spend my time and energy cultivating here. In the last several years I have made the move to an almost entirely me-made wardrobe. This has had its challenges, and I refuse to make underwear, but it has led me down some wonderful learning opportunities. Although I was mostly self-taught in the beginning, I have sought formal sewing and pattern drafting education to expand my skills and learn new ones. The truth is, I’m a life-long student and I love learning new things.

I have a special love for coats and impractical capes. I also love knitting sweaters I never wear.