I am biased and I need ham.

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On a scale from 1 to 10, how bad is it to be in love with a piece of metal? Wait…don’t answer that (as if anyone actually reads this!). The truth is, I am in love with a piece of metal…..my binding foot. Sure, you can apply bias tape without it but the heck wants to? Double fold tape is easy and doesn’t need the foot but single fold….well…..I’m glad I have the presser foot. It makes the whole process a piece of cake, especially when binding rounded edges, like the ones on the apron I made yesterday. For a half apron, it sure used a lot of fabric. A whole two yards of expensive fabric and eight, that’s right, EIGHT yards of bias tape. Believe me, I was very glad I had a bias binding foot.

This is by far the most beautiful half apron I have ever seen….ever. I love it. It is vintage inspired and even though it is not for me, I couldn’t help by try it on. It made me feel like a million bucks. I love the ruffles, the layers, the bow, etc. It is so very girl but sexy at the same time. I wanted to don my Louboutins and my pearls and prance around the kitchen. Those 1950’s women sure had the apron thing down.

While constructions this apron I came to truly appreciate the value of a tailor’s ham. Of course, that was only because I did not have one. Ironing the waistband on this thing was impossible on a flat surface so I had to make do with a rolled up piece of fabric. It was not easy either but it helped. Right then and there I decided I would go out today and buy a ham. I also got a seam roll while I was at it, I didn’t want the ham to feel lonely!

Of course, this apron needed some company so I made a set of pot holder, oven mitt and kitchen towel. As it was to be expected, they were beautiful too. There is just something about this fabric. I know that everyone and their mothers has it but it’s just so beautiful. Every time I see it in the store I just want to buy the whole bolt. Of course, then reason kicks in and I realize there is no way I can make anything for me with it and pull it off. It’s a kitcheny fabric or a fabric for children’s clothes but this G.A.W. (grown ass woman, as Erica B puts it) would look ridiculous in it.

I think I will make one of these for me!

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