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Yeah, yeah, I know this is the second post today but it’s a special one. We were discussing sewing/craft areas on a message board and I decided to go ahead and take pictures of mine. I live in a fairly big house but I find myself currently unable to have a dedicated sewing area so I use the dining room. Let’s just say that the only time we have had dinner on that table was the night we moved in a few months ago.

To be specific, I use the formal dining/living room (one big room) for my sewing junk. I have extended the dining table and I have my serger and sewing machine on there. I also have lots of random things like bobbins, thread, needles, half finished projects, etc. I used to have fabric in trunks but I decided I would put one of the china cabinets to good use and moved all the fabric there. I forgot to take pictures of my cutting are which is actually my kitchen island. The dining table is just too low for cutting but it’s too high for sewing comfortably. I will have a dedicated room (a spare bedroom) in the next couple of months.

That cabinet in the back contains the fabric. On the far left, towards the top of the picture you can see a very old Kenmore machine. It runs just fine but I don’t use it. It was given to my grandmother recently and she gave it to me. Under that machine lies my old sewing machine which I cannot bring myself to getting rid of even though it’s pretty much useless.

Here you can see my seam roll and ham to the left.

Finally, the fabric cabinet.

So there is my royal mess of a dining room. I cannot wait until I have a dedicated room. I can already picture the huge cutting table, the sewing cabinet that will accommodate the sewing machine and the serger and will provide a flat sewing surface for both. How about racks and racks of pretty fabric and drawers full of patterns? Yes…..I can already see it…

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