Two Pieces of a Puzzle

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I love it when things just come together.

I have been stalking the February 2008 issue of BWOF (Burda World of Fashion) for a while. I had not see any of the designs in that issue except for one and based on that one, I HAD to have it. Apparently it’s a very wanted issue. I was trawling eBay last night and what do you know, there was one ending in about 25 minutes. The bidding had already reached eyebrow rising amounts but I figured it was my only chance so I bid. I won and it is the most I’ve ever paid, and will ever pay, for a magazine back issue. The pattern/design in question is this:

I absolutely loved this coat the very first time I saw a picture of it on the BWOF Yahoo Group. The woman that made it made in a stunning blue taffeta (I think it was taffeta) and it was love at first sight for me. Ah, I just read her blog, it’s actually peacock blue silk dupioni.

I needed to go to Joann’s today to pick up some needles and stock up on some notions since all their notions are 50% off. I was walking down the aisle with the silks and bridal fabric and I saw the bridals were 60% off. There was a beautiful cream silk dupoini marked at $15.99 as the full price. I wouldn’t have bought cream but at 60% off, I couldn’t resist it so I decided to get it for the coat. I took it to the cutting counter and got 4 yards. When the woman gave me the receipt I saw that it was not reflecting the sale price so I told her. The machine was ringing it up as $9.99 full price. She told me to make sure it was on sale so I did and then she tried to tell me that $9.99 was the sale price. Lady, my math is shaky but I know that 60% off 15.99 is NOT $9.99. In the end they sent me off with 60% off $9.99 so I got the 4 yards for $15.98, that’s about $3.99 a yard! I got the perfect fabric for the perfect coat and I am happy as a….silk worm…

Now all I need is the magazine to arrive and my sewing skills to seriously improve!

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