Collars are hard!

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I am working on the BWOF top for the Wardrobe contest.  I thought it would be an easy project but I didn’t really think it through.  it was all fine and dandy until I got to the collar.  Oh boy!  Well, sewing the collar on isn’t difficult, I have already done so.  What IS difficult is getting the insdie part (the part that goes against your neck) to look pretty.  I’m rethinking how I’m going to do it since it HAS to look good, it’s the visible part of the collar.  I think I’m going to give it one more shot and if that doesn’t work then I’m going to put it to the side and start working no something else, then come back to it.  I had never sewn a collar so I didn’t really realize the implications.

Come think of it, the other Simplicity top also has a collar, albeit not one that turns out.  I hope that one is easier since it’s not as visible.  Maybe I’ll just substitute them for two non-collar tops and call it good.  We’ll see.

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