I’d Rather Be Sewing

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I have FOUR tests next week and I should really be studying.  Not so much studying as actually working on the homework that is due on test day and I have been neglecting, however, all I can think about is sewing, even while working on long chemistry problems.  I have made progress on the BWOF blouse.  The collar is attached and it looks halfway decent (not bad for my first time actually).  All I need to do now is attach the flounce, hem and thread the drawstrings.  I’m excited about this blouse but I think it might be a bit too short for me even though I did not length adjustments and I am very short.  Go figure.  I don’t know how much I’ll be able to sew this weekend but it probably won’t be much.  School sucks up so much of my time!

I think I’m gonna take a little trip to a local fabric store to clear my mind LOL.

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