La Mia…!…La MIA Boutique!

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I few days ago I bought a magazine on eBay.  It came all the way from Italy and it’s impossible to find in the US.  I am talking about La Mia Boutique, yet another European pattern magazine.  Yes, I am trying to work my way around the globe in pattern magazines LOL.  Next is Knipmode I suppose, but I digress.

I had seen a few page of the magazine on eBay but i ordred it pretty much blind.  The coat on the cover was my first caught my attention so I went ahead and got it.  I waited about a week for it to get here and I was starting to get anxious LOL.  Anyhow, it finally arrived today and I could not open that envelope fast enough!

The first thing I noticed is that unlike Burda and Patrones, it does not have a style-view page at the beginning so the only way you can see the clothes are on the actual pages with the model and then the line drawings in the middle.  This particular issue has a lot of coats, jackets, etc and a few dresses along with some maternity clothes.  It also has articles not related to the clothes on the magazine and recipes, horoscope, etc.

I cannot be specific as to how good the instructions are because my Italian is very limited but I can tell you that they look as brief and sparse as Burda’s and Patrones’. It does not have as many styles as Burda but it’s comparable to Patrones.

OK, enough comparison, now to the good parts.  Here are my favorites :

Front (LOVE this one)
Here are the line drawings for all the styles:
I wish could subscribe but they don’t do overseas subscriptions 🙁  Even if they did, it would probably be prohibitively expensive like Patrones (In the mid hundreds a year!)

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  1. Lieve

    Hello June,

    Me too, I am a sewer 😉
    I am since about 20 years now.
    I am desperately searching for LMB, issue September 2009.
    As you mention this pattern magazine in your blog, maybe you could help me out.

    I saw this dress (abito 1 ) I like very much.
    I would really want to make this for my sister’s wedding on May, 14th.

    The problem is that I can look through the issue, but unfortunately, the pattern sheets are missing 
    You would not believe! I looked through about 15 issues and only one sheet was missing, the one I needed 

    I have looked just about everywhere to back order this issue, but as you know, it is hard to get contact…

    Would it be possible in any way, to lend me this issue or maybe would you be prepared to draw and send me the pattern in size 42?

    Or would you know someone who could help me out in a short time?
    I would really appreciate any help at all.
    I think you know how it is when you set your mind to one dress…
    I would gladly send you something in return. I can send the latest Burda or Knipmode for example?
    I probably should mention that I live in Belgium, Europe. I hope this is not a problem…

    Thank you in advance for any answer!

    Have a great weekend!



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