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I just joined the very talented ladies over at Sew Retro!  I’m so excited!  So far I haven’t sewn much from vintage patterns, just a few things  here and there from reissued patterns for my son but that’s about it.  I had been lurking at Sew Retro for a while and I’m always amazed at the talent those girls have.  I really want to start sewing more vitange garments so I thought joining them would actually give me an excuse, and encourage me, to do so.  I hope my plan works!

In honor of my joining Sew Retro, I am going to do a pattern giveaway! I haven’t had much luck with giveaways here (cough….pink soaker…..cough) so I hope this one is more successful.  Entering the giveaway is very simple, just leave a comment telling me how you got interested in vintage sewing or just vintage things in general and in two weeks (October 20th), I will pick a winner using  Each comment will be numbered in the ordered they are posted.  I will then post the name of the winner and an email address to contact me so I can have the mailing info.

 Here is the pattern.  It’s small but who knows, maybe you’ll be up to the grading challenge!

Good luck!

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  1. Nat

    Hi!! I haven’t been able to find the things I want to wear in the stores, so I resorted to sewing retro patters. That is when the women were curvy and hot. Great BLOG!

  2. Camelia Crinoline

    Beautiful pattern. My Mum taught me how to sew and is an avid second hand shopper so it was almost inevitable that I would be into sewing and vintage clothes. I find sewing vintage patterns far cheaper than actually buying vintage dresses.

  3. Jen and Pete

    Hey June!! I love vintage sewing. When I did costuming for theatres, my favorite pieces were the period pieces- specifically the shows that took place in the 40s 😀 In fact, I loved the decade so much, all my barbies had 40s inspirec dresses lol!!

  4. Katherine

    Hey there June! This is a cute pattern and I agree it is small! I started sewing way back when – my mom actually taught me…and one of my first projects was vintage: an A-line dress for my sister’s Twiggy costume for some project in high school (unfortunately no pics). I don’t even know if I was in high school yet (although I am only a year behind her). I love vintage sewing…I have a 2 year old and so my sewing time is limited right now which means many virgin (vintage) patterns that I lust after…but she’s only young once and just wait until I get her sewing…who knows maybe she’ll be the one to sew this pattern if I win…I couldn’t be happier if it was. I so love and enjoy sewing and I watch the Sew Retro blog I hope your plan works…I’d love to see what you sew!! Get to it girl! I’m waiting! lol…and Take Care!

  5. Tracey The AVON Lady

    I haven’t sewn a retro pattern yet, but I did buy one recently from someone off of Craigslist. I am going to sew it during my Clothing Construction class at the local college.

    BTW, I just found your blog and I am your newest follower!

  6. Hanna

    Hi June! I love that pattern. I first became interested in vintage when I was a teenager and lucky enough to live in a city with several decent large vintage shops. I always hated the idea of wearing something the same as everyone else, but I still wanted to look feminine and well put-together, so I developed a habit of looking for vintage dresses when I wanted something for a special occasion. I wore a made-over 80s black velvet and white taffeta ball dress with concertina pleats to my school prom, and I still remember with fondness a blue and white 50s cotton dress that I bought and lovingly repaire where it had ripped. That was what introduced me to the superior fabric quality of vintage clothes – I could believe how stable and beautiful that old cotton was to handle. I got into sewing just a couple of year ago, and it was only natural that, liking vintage shopping as I do, I would start to look for vintage patterns and sew them. So far I’ve made three vintage things and I love them all!

  7. cottoncostumes

    I’m a costume designer, so naturally, I’ve sewed all sorts of period pieces. My favorite show, by far, was the one set during the 40s. What beautiful clothing. I love it when the pattern companies reprint their vintage patterns, and I have more than 50 vintage patterns myself.

  8. SuBoo

    I just love the look and styling of vintage kiddies clothes – was lucky enough to have found a few patterns while op-shopping 🙂

  9. Lachlan

    I have started sewing vintage patterns as they are so much better drafted than today’s and the styles often are repeated.

  10. Christy Sews

    I’ve worn vintage clothing on and off starting when I was about 18. It was all about wanting a different look. Now that I’m older and rounder, I know what looks good on me and it’s definitely dresses from the 50s and 60s. I loved the clean lines of the clothing and the fact that women looked like women. Sewing from vintage patterns (and re-issues) allows me to make what I want in my size. No more leaving the vintage clothing store sad because I couldn’t find my size.

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