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I will be the first to admit that not only do I not have style, I haven’t really put much effort into acquiring one either.  Only recently (since I started sewing) have I even bothered to actually look at fashion magazines and what not.  I suppose the reason behind that is the fact that well, being overweight, it’s hard to find things that fit and look good so I just gave up.  Second, fashion magazines while entertaining, are the wrong place to find pieces you’d like to buy unless you are Paris Hilton and I don’t mean because she’s skinny.  It’s all about the Benjamins.

I was flipping through the current issue of Harper’s Bazaar when I came across a rather interesting photo article “Crimes of Fashion”. When I read the title I immediately thought they’d be discussing knock offs but alas, I was wrong.  They weren’t discussing anything as it was just pictures but the pictures were with the cast of Law and Order.  When I got to the last page of the article I was stopped dead on my tracks.  The most beautiful trench coat I have ever seen was staring right in the face.  I drooled and then almost frantically looked at the description to find the brand.  It’s a Burberry Prorsum trench.  Then I saw the price and I nearly fainted…..$4,495.  That’s right…..four thousand four hundred and ninety five United States dollars.  It sure made me wish I had married Prince William instead of the poor sod that met me at the end of the aisle.  OK, not really, I do love him but why can’t he be uber rich?????

So, since the coat is most definitely out of my league, I really, really, really hope that someone, anyone, comes up with a pattern for this coat or at least a similar one.  Are you listening Simplicity, McVoguerick and Burda???  I LOOOOVE the ruffles, the pleats, the collar.  I love everything about this coat and if money was no object you better believe I would have run, not driven, run straight to the Burberry store in Coral Gables and made this beauty mine.  Never mind that my husband refuses to accept that Burberry does not have the same connotation here in the US that it does in the UK and that he’d rather poke his eyes out with dull knives than be seen out with me wearing Burberry.  Nothing, except nearly 5 grand, would come between me and this coat.

Of course, I had to go and see the rest of the stuff from this collection and the other Burberry coats out there. Love.  Love, I tell ya.

Come think of it, for someone who lives in Miami and has no need for coats, I sure like them a whole lot.

Edited to add:  For those who don’t know, I will explain what the issue with Burberry in the UK is.  One one point, there was so much fake Burberry in the UK being worn by the lower class (yes, they still have classes in the UK) that if you were wearing Burberry it was automatically assumed that A) it was fake and B) you were a chav (and the definittion of chav is a whole other post but think white trash). So, wearing Burberry in the UK is said to be chavtastic.  Of course, I’m sure those who can afford real Burberry would beg to differ.

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  1. Garnet

    Wait, what sort of a connotation does Burberry have in the UK?

    Oh and, by the way, that coat is gorgeous. I’m sure you could do some sort of skirt/trench hybrid thingy. It may not come out exactly the same, but experimentation is half the fun!

  2. twilghtjen

    Burberry has the same connotation in the UK that Louis Vuitton has here in the states. Most I’ve seen have been fake, especially the GIANT bags!

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