Yet More Patterns

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Yes, I have been sewing, I’ve even finished a garment but I haven’t gotten around to taking picutres.

I received a few (OK, a lot) more patterns in the last couple of days.  Some of them I bought individually and the rest are from a 150 pattern lot I won on fleaBay.  Of that lot, I kept maybe 50 patterns, the rest are hideous (to me).  They are in pretty bad shape, especially the older ones from the 50s, those don’t even have envelopes.  Live and learn I guess.  I’ll pick my lots more carefully next time…..although I really should stop buying vintage patterns altogether.

Here are the 3 patterns I bought individually:

Here are a few of my favorite from the lot.  You can see the rest here.

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  1. sewingishard

    Wow! Those are ALL gorgeous. You did very well. I love that there is even an underpants pattern. That cracks me up…and makes me consider sewing my own underpants.

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