Craft Apron

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I’ve been meaning to post this for a long time but hadn’t gotten around to it.  The issue is that most of the time I sew when I’m either home alone or at night. When I’m alone there is obviously no one to take the pictures and at night the light is just crappy for photos.  I was just upstairs sewing and I decided to just go ahead and take the pictures myself or I’d never get them taken.

This craft apron is inspired by one I saw on a sewing magazine (Threads?  Stitch? Can’t remember).  I had a pair of jeans that gave up the ghost months ago but i kept for some reason.   This was the perfect opportunity to upcycle those jeans.  They happened to be a bit flared at the hem so they made a nice, flared apron.

Making this apron is really easy, the time consuming (and downright infuriating) is getting the damned belt loops off the freaking jeans.  There were supposed to be three belt loops on the apron but I was about to stab myself with the dang seam ripper so I let it go.   Two is plenty.  Anyhow, It’s not very exciting but I thought I’d share since it is so easy and useful.  I love not having to dig all over my sewing room looking for scissors, seam gauges, tracing wheels, pens, rotary cutter, etc.

Excuse the crappy pictures, they were taken with my phone in my son’s bathroom and the light is not great in there.


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  1. Garnet

    I, too, love the scissor holster. I also like the practicality of re-using a pair of jeans. Very nice!


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