Burda 7726 and What Would Have Been Simplicity 2807

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I said I had been in sewing and, indeed, I have.  I finished two garments in the past two weeks  but I hadn’t gotten the chance to get pictures of them.  Given the choice, I prefer to photograph the garments while being worn because they just don’t look the same on a hanger.  I finally did it today.

I finished this blouse two weeks ago.  I bought this pattern, Burda 7726, a while back and what attracted me to it was view B.  I love that blouse.  Anyhow, instead I made view A and it was actually intended for a specific occasion.  I ended up not wearing it for that occasion but I love it anyway and I’m so glad I made it.  The fabric I used was perfect for it.  The drape is wonderful and the iridescent quality of the fabric gives this simple design a bit of oomph.  The fabric is blue and yellow, the yellow only shows at certain angles under certain light.   I love it.

The blouse itself was very simple to make and the sizing was spot on.  Burda is known for its sizing consistency so I hope this proves true for me too.  I didn’t make a muslin, I just winged it, but it worked.  Actually, I didn’t wing it, I did do pin fittings before I sewed it permanently.  I used french seams for the side seams and my only regret as far as the construction goes was to bind the armhole in the flat, as per pattern instructions, and not in the round as I knew would look better.  Also, I wish I had bound the seam where the cowl neck joins the neckhole.  I did topstitch it to tack it down and it doesn’t show but I KNOW it’s not pretty in there.  I left the zipper out, it is completely unnecessary.

The next garment is a skirt.  I started out with Simplicity 2807 and ever intention of making a skirt just like the pattern intended. I was going to make the mini skirt which is not mini on me anyway since I am not even 5’2″.  I was feeling slightly delusional and I traced a size 12  (I crack myself up sometimes).  I did a tissue fitting and realized that was no way in hell that would fit my waist though the hips were fine.  I was feeling lazy and needed a quick fix so I went ahead and cut a 12.  I did not sew any of the darts and this made the skirt fit perfectly.  Of course, it’s not really Simplicity 2807 but I do love it nonetheless.

The fabric came from my stash.  It’s from Joann’s and it’s part of the Spring 2009 (I think) Monaco collection.  It’s polyester I think and teal and gray.  I think it’s going to be a staple piece in my wardrobe.  I really like it even though it’s not what I originally intended it to be.  Next time I will remember to get off the crack and grade up around my waist (just kidding about the crack).  I also neglected to do a tilted waist adjustment (yes, I have a tilted waist) and though it’s not quite as noticeable as it was 26 pounds ago, I could still tell the hem was not straight.  When the time came to hem the skirt, I had to work up a little bit of magic to make it look decent.  Honestly, the reason I slacked so much is because I don’t intend to be able to wear this skirt for long since I’m still losing weight every week and have about 20 pounds to go (26 pounds down!!!!).  I think i will make do until then 🙂

And just because I’m a dork…….

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