Happy New Year!

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I can’t believe it is 2010.  I remember when everyone was freaking out over Y2K and now it seems like that was a zillion years ago.  A decade goes by so fast yet so slow.  It definitely was an interesting decade for me, no doubt.  I joined the Navy, got deployed 3 times (once during the war), left the Navy and became a veteran, got married, had a kid, etc.  I don’t know what this decade will bring but I hope it’s good!

I am currenty working on view 1 of this pattern.  I made a muslin (why do I bother???) and now I am working on the garment itself.  I think I am done with the fitting but it definitely does not look on me the same as it does on the cartoon on the cover!  I also chose a fabric (plaid) that I now I am not sure about.  I’ll go ahead and finish it but I am not holding my breath.

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