Knitting…Me? Nah!

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I am one of those people that doesn’t do anything half-assed. When I get into something, I get into it HARD.  It’s all or nothing with me; I jump in the deep end and hope I float.  You might think this is courageous or even admirable but believe me, it is not!  I’m only talking about hobbies and crafts here of course but that is just how I am in life.  For example, when I got into bags (albeit cheap ones) years ago I bought a bag pretty much every time I left the house.  When I got into shoes it was the same.  When I got into buying cookbooks, even though I lived in the barracks and had only a cook top, I bought them by the dozen.  Then I got into scrapbooking and I bought hundreds of dollars worth of tools and materials in a matter of a couple months.  Then I got into cake decorating and history repeated itself.  Sewing was no different, except that I actually stuck with it (so far, crossing my fingers).

Well, now I got into knitting.  Boy, did I get into knitting.  Luckily I haven’t discovered expensive yarns but I suspect it is only a matter of time.  I cannot believe I just paid nearly $100 to import three knitting books.  In my defense, they are not in stock in the US and they are just too damned cute.  I love everything in it but the one piece that led me to the spree was this beautiful cardigan:

I frist saw it in lilac and my heart skipped a beat.   I am a sucker for flouncy clothing, peplums, etc. which is a bit odd since I’ve never really been a girly girl.  Even more odd is the fact that I am so into knitting and sewing at all since I am actually very much the opposite of crafty but the older I get the more interested I am in such things.  I am not creative, I am a very technical person.  I can decipher and follow instructions, in the form of patterns, recipes, etc like the best of them.  However, do not ask me to design anything, don’t ask me to create anything, don’t ask me to come up with any new design.  I cannot do it, I just don’t have it in me and that’s OK.  This is exactly why I sucked at scrapbooking and all those hundreds of dollars worth of stuff are sitting in a plastic tub in my garage. Scrapbooking is all about being creative and coming up with your own designs; baking, knitting and sewing are all about following technical directions (unless you are the designer or the chef), they are methodical crafts and I have found that that is what suits me best.  Again, funny thing, I suck at math, go figure!
I am currently working on my first project, well, the first I’ll actually finish.  It is a cowl and I hope to finish it in the next few days, before the “cold” is gone and I can no longer wear it!  That’s the problem with knitting when you live in hot climates, there is not much you can wear!  This is the cowl I’m working on (not my pictures) :

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