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Remember those ridiculously expensive knitting books I talked about?  Well, they arrived today and they are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!  Beautiful.  The great thing is that because two of them are from the summer/spring collection I will actually be able to make stuff I’ll wear here in Sunny Miami.  The designs are so lovely, the pictures are stunning, etc.  I’m almost scared to damage them because they are so pretty!  I already picked the first pattern to make.  I have a lot of favorites and I will try my hand at a few of them in a few months when I’m better at knitting.  The first one, which I may start some time soon(ish) is called Nan.  It’s made with size 17 needles and super bulky yarn so it should be fairly quick.  It also looks easy, the instructions don’t really have anything that I don’t know how to do (from what I saw).  Here it is:

This one is beautiful, romantic and feminine.  I love everything about it but those are some tiny stitches worked with really thin yarn and really tiny needles!  It’s far too complicated and involved for my novice self.  Maybe in the next few  years!

I love this little cropped cardigan.

I don’t know if I mentioned it but the names of the books are Nectar, Breeze and Thrown Together.  The writer/designer is Kim Hargreaves and the website is  http://www.kimhargreaves.co.uk
On a similar note, March issue of BWOF, or Burda Style as it’s called now, arrived a couple of days ago.  There was nothing that just jumped out at me but I have seen worse issues.  Far worse.  Here are a few that sorta caught my eye.
Actually, that’s it.  Pretty bad.  Not sure whether I’ll keep this issue or sell it.
To top it all off, I got the very first issue of my Ottobre Design Woman subscription on Saturday!  I like it. I like it a lot.  So much so that I am already almost finished with a garment from it.  There are a few others I’d like to make but it’s all wait and see with this weight loss thing.
Also, I did finish a top I was making, I just haven’t gotten around to taking pictures of it. Stay tuned!

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