Look Ma, I Can Knit!

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Today I FINALLY finished a knitting project for the first time EVER!  It is a very simple shrug knitted in stockinette stitch.  It is a big rectangle that is then sewn to make pseudo-sleeves.The most difficult part was working with size US 50 needles, they are enormous and very awkward to maneuver.  I knitted it holding two strands of yarn and one of them was very fuzzy so it made ripping back the few stitches I had to rip back difficult.  Nothing much to it really but it is a quick knit and I really like how it looks.

Here it is!  (Look ma, no make up!!!!)

  1. SeaBird

    Hi June!

    I just came to your blog from the South Miami Crafters Meetup page…. we live near downtown Miami now, but will be moving several miles south in a few months and I would LOVE to find a craft group nearby! I participated in an ATC group in Kendall a couple years ago, but they have since disbanded.

    Anyway… just wanted to introduce myself and let you know I’m interested, but probably won’t actually join the group till I move!

    Talk to you later,


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