A Glutton for Punishment

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I must be a glutton for punishment.  There can be no other explanation as to why I’m doing what I’m doing.
I’m graduating from college on May 1st (YAY!!!!!!!) and with all the weight loss, I have nothing to wear.  To complicate things, whatever I wear that day won’t be worn ever again because a few days after that it won’t fit.  But more about that in a few days I think.  Anyhow, my options are to buy or make a dress or buy or make a blouse (I have ONE pair of decent trousers).  I either waste money or waste time.  I decided time was the lesser of two evils so I’m ATTEMPTING a dress.

Why do I say attempting?  Well, this is where the glutton for punishment part comes in.  After failing every attempt at a vintage pattern, I’m working on…are you ready for this?? A vintage pattern!  Some smack some sense into me!

I’m attempting view 1 of Simplicity 3592 dated some time in the 60s.  I’m not making long sleeves though, I’m making the sleeves for view 2.  It’s going OK so far.  I did the first muslin of the bodice last night and identified a few problems which I’ll be working on in a little while.  The next step is to make the revised bodice and attach the skirt and see how that goes.  I suspect that I will need to do some adjustments to the skirt too to give it some shape since I had to grade up around the waist.  Those dang vintage patterns assume everyone has a tiny waist and is 7 feet tall!  I will look nothing like the cartoon on the envelope!

Wish me luck!

  1. Liz

    Have fun 🙂 Vintage patterns are gorgeous. I made my first one this year – it assumed I had a super long waist and big boobs! OMG! I took like 6-7cms out of the waist.

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