First Garment Since Surgery!

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I had surgery almost three and a half weeks ago.  The first two weeks were pretty hard and I could hardly stand, let alone stand straight.  However, the last week and half has been worlds better.  I can actually do things like stand almost straight and therefore I can cook, sew, etc.  Well, sewing per-se wasn’t an issue, the problem was that to sew I had to stand to trace patterns, cut fabric, etc but I digress.

I am now able and more than willing to sew again so as soon as I felt up to it I went ahead and got busy.  I have nothing to wear post surgery so I the sooner I can crank out a few pieces the better.  I decided I would start with an easy pattern and I couldn’t have picked a better one.  I chose a pattern for the recent Ottobre Woman, 02/2010.  It is literally two pieces, front and back with a gentle cowl neckline..  The most complicated part of this pattern was getting the coverstitch as close to perfect as I could.  To do that, I first sewed a row of basting as close to the edge of the inside hem and seam allowances of neck and armholes as I could and then used that to guide the coverstich needles.  I kept the row of basting between the two serger needles.  It is not absolutely perfect, I missed one little spot on the hem but it’s pretty damned close.

I have to say that I wasn’t sure this top would work beacuse I still have my hangups from my old body shape but I was VERY pleasantly surprised when I put it on.  There’s hardly any sign of tummy when I’m dressed except towards the end of the day when I still swell considerably.  Recovery is slow but I’m sure it will be well worth it.  I actually considered drafting sleeves for this top but I decided against it.  I’m not thrilled about my upper arms but this IS Miami and it gets bloody hot in the summer, I need cool clothes.  I think I’m actually going to make this again and add cute fluttery bias-cut sleeves.

I wore the top out today and it’s so comfortable.  Working with knits is a pain in the butt but the garments are so nice and comfortable if not always stylish…which this top is certainly not.  This fabric is a light cotton knit from Joann’s fall line.

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  1. Eileen

    You look fabulous. Congratulations. I worked for a cosmetic surgeon for a few years so I know how involved your surgery was. I also know how good the final result can look. Good for you! I’m sure you must be thrilled.

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