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I’m a masochist at heart so I have decided to join the Trench Sew Along. There are a few trench coats/jackets I’ve been eying and this will help me to actually commit.  First, there’s BWOF (BurdasStyle now) 04-2008-107.  This is a short jacket with cap sleeves and sleeve ruffles that I actually got all the materials for already since I was serious about making it.  I really like it and I think I will get a lot of use out of since it’s cool enough for Florida.  I still have not traced the patttern.  My husband says this is not “trench” enough because it isn’t long.

Then there is BWOF (again, BurdaStyle) 08-2009-101.  I liked this one the minute I saw it and it’s actually tagged to be made… at some point.  I LOVE the flounce at the hem, I’m a sucker for flounces.  It would not be made of any kind of warm material like wool because it needs to work for Florida.  This would be less useful but equally liked.

I don’t know which one to make for the sew along.  Please, help me decide by voting on this poll!

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  1. Jude

    Dear June,
    Hello from “further up the coast,” err, Cape Cod!

    I’m writing because I’m outraged over your blog. How can you be this wonderful and only have 39 followers? Well now you have 40 — and I’m that fortieth!

    I love your sewing deering-do, and I truly admire your bravery in discussing your surgery. And I really, really love that you have 300 cookbooks — and, if I’m correct, a good start on the same for sewing references? All I can see, on both counts, is “me too.”

    Come see me and let’s talk more.

    A big “wave” from Cape Cod,
    Jude at
    dolcecapecod dot

  2. Jude

    P.S. That should have been “all I can SAY.” English major, former journalist. Right.

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