I’m addicted

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Hello, my name is June and I’m pattern stashaholic.

I’ve been doing some pattern purging tonight because, in you can’t tell, I’ve lost a ton of weight in the past couple of years and all the patterns I had pre-2010 are way too big.  Good for me, not so good for my wallet, especially considering the vast majority are now out of print.  But I digress.  I put away (can’t bring myself to throw them away, most are brand new), over 100 patterns and I STILL have over 225 300 (I forgot all the vintage patterns!)  in the stash!  That’s not counting the gazillion Burdas, Patrones, Knipmodes and other pattern magazines.  Yet, I can’t help myself whenever there’s a pattern sale, especially if there are new patterns out.  It’s like a magnet, pulling me towards Joann’s for patterns.

It’s not like I’m ever going to get to sew all these patterns, not even close!  I just don’t have the time and won’t have it for years.  I’m working on History degree and I also work at the university, take care of  a family which includes a 2.5 year old energy ball of a boy. Not to mention the running and cycling.   THEN, I’m going to grad school for an MA, possibly a PhD.  I’m going to be an indentured servant to the university for years…YEARS!!!  So, why do I keep buying patterns?  Is there a PAA meeting?  Maybe I should start one….

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  1. AllisonC

    I think all of us are addicted to some extent! Maybe you could consider selling the brand new patterns that are too big – ebay, Pattern Review etc?

  2. Home's Jewels

    June – BTW, you look fantastic. Love your haircut and congrats on the weightloss. Someone started a swap circle on mysewingcircle.com. You can put them up there 🙂 Maybe make a note on the pattern forum that you’ve added them there. 🙂


  3. alethia

    I understand your dilema, but hey you deserve all the patterns and more. However it can be overwhelming when you ralize the fact that you will never sew all of them. I understand because I own more than 2000 patterns. I’ve learned to look at patterns with a keen eye, and in the last year I have been able to reduce my spending by 80%.

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