Simplicity 2599 v 2.0

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I thought that since the previous Simplicity 2599 (two posts down) fit well and needed only a slight alteration to the neckline to fit better, I’d make a quick second version.  Well, it turned out to take forever because I just tend to start things then leave them and start another. I finally finished the blouse a few weeks ago but was too lazy to actually photograph it or wear it.

Simplicity 2599 v 2.0

The only changes I made to this version was that I closed the center back seam completely so there is no button closure.  I left the seam there because it is shaped and it helps with the swayback.  I also, as you can probably tell from looking at the two versions, made the neckline smaller so there is less skin exposed.  I suppose I could have done with a lower neckline at the front and the sides and back as they are but that would have been too much work for a “quick” top.  I also widened the sleeves so they are not as snug.

Simplicity 2599 v 2.0

I’ve used this fabric before and really like it. It’s rayon and it feels great on the skin, plus I love the hand.  Too bad this was pretty much the last of it.

One last thing, for the sleeve hem I decided to use hem tape because otherwise they would have been too short for my taste.  This is what it looks like from both sides.

Sleeve hem

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