Butterick 5209 still in progress

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I had to stop work on the dress for a while because it was the end of the semester, then finals week, etc and finally picked it up again today.  I had made three muslins and I thought I had the fit right….then I cut the fashion fabric. I put the bodice together and it’s huge.  HUGE.  Like, WTF huge.  I have not lost weight and the muslins fit.  What’s up with that?  I get easily discouraged and I’m so tempted to throw in the towel on this dress.  I love sewing, I really do, but I freaking hate not getting it right and I have no patience to fix stuff.   I’ll post some pictures later so you see what the effer looks like.

I think I’m going to move to something else, at least for now, that will probably suffer the same fate.  FML.

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