For My Little Superhero

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My son has recently entered the superhero stage.  A few days ago he got the kitchen towel and insisted I tie it around his neck because he wanted to be a superhero.  Yesterday we went to a local indoor play area and he found a Snow White cape, which he, again, insisted I put on him.  He wore that thing the entire time we were there and kept telling everyone he was a superhero. It was too cute.  So, I came home and decided to make him his very own superhero cape.  I completely winged the drafting of the cape and although it isn’t perfect, he doesn’t really care.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to draw a thunderbolt?  The L is his initial.

I put the cape on him this morning and he ran away saying “Super [Monkey], to the rescue!”  Hilarious!  He got that from Super Why!

The cape is fully reversible.  It’s made with silky fabric from Jo-Ann.  The thunderbolt is sewn in felt and the the L is glued on felt.  It’s a bit big on him but he’ll grow into it.

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