Knitting Scarves

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I recently moved…again…but it’s only a temporary move so all of my stuff, including sewing things, is still in boxes and will remain there for the next couple of months. Since I’m now sewing or doing school work, I’ve had a lot of spare time, which I’ve employed knitting.  I am a slow knitter and I am not a process knitter, I do it for the finished product, and I’ve managed to finish two scarves in the last twenty days.  One of them was for a coworker, as a parting gift (I got a great new job, which I start on October 29th).  She loves red and is going to New York for Thanksgiving so I made her a really cute bowtie scarf.  I loved the scarf so much that I wasn’t sure I wanted to part with it once it was finished!  I may have to make another one for me, in a lighter yarn so it’s not so warm (who needs scarves in Miami?!?!?!).

The scarf on me

Knitting this scarf was fairly simple but not boring.  it was enough of a challenge to make it interesting but not too much that it required mu complete attention; I caught up on tv shows while I knitted.  I don’t know if you can see in the picture, but one of the sides of the scarf (on top) has a pocket knitted by putting every other stitch on a separate needle and working only half the stitches for some rows, then going back to the stitches left behind, knitting for the same number of rows and then knitting them all together again.  That was interesting for me as I’d never done anything like it.  This way, you can thread one side of the scarf into the other to “knot” it.  This is the pattern I used.

After that, and going against the “who needs scarves in Miami?” thing, I knitted another scarf and this time it was for me.  The appeal of this scarf was not so much wearing it or how it looked on, but rather, that it looks like a sushi roll when rolled up!  I think it will probably just sit in a drawer and look pretty but I love it anyway.  Here are the project details.

Rolled up.

I already casted on another project, let’s see how long it takes me to finish it!

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