Cabled Mini Scarf

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I have been on a scarf-knitting kick lately, but at least this last one is one I can actually wear in South Florida.  It’s a skinny scarf, made from this pattern. I had wanted to try knitting cables for a while but I was scared because it looks difficult.  It wasn’t difficult for the most part.  The part I did find difficult was ripping back when I made a mistake.  I couldn’t figure out how to arrange the stitches on the needle so I just ripped back a few rows until I got to a row where the cabling wasn’t an issue.  I probably wouldn’t know how to fix it either if I dropped a stitch.  I don’t love the yarn, it’s already pilling (it’s cheap!), but I do love the scarf.  I still have to weave in the ends but that should take just a few minutes.

I completed 100 cable repeats and knitted 6 rows of garter stitch at the beginning and the end, and held the cable needle at the front.  The scarf is about 52 inches long.

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