Hello, Baby!

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Baby knits are so quick!  I pumped out this sweater, hat, and booties set in about 3 days (clearly, not knitting three days straight!).  The set is so cute, and my nephew looks pretty cute in it too.

Everything was pretty easy and I don’t really recall any issues.  This was my first top down, one piece sweater, albeit a tiny one, and I have to say, WHY AREN’T ALL SWEATERS/CARDIGANS DONE LIKE THIS???  The sweater pattern is the Baby Boy Five Hour Sweater, which took longer than five hours but not much.  I am a very slow knitter, so it’s probably me and not a misnomer.  The sleeves are worked flat and then seamed together, which brings the yarn back up to the body to continue knitting.  The instructions go like this “With right sides together slip stitch sleeve closed being careful to close up all the holes at the underarm.”  I couldn’t figure out what a slip stitch was in knitting, but it turns out it’s a crochet thing.  I didn’t know that, but I ended up using a crochet hook anyway.  I put the right sides together, then picked up a stitch at every selvage stitch, going through both selvages, and put them on the knitting needle. It’s easier to show than to explain, but suffice to say that it worked great.  The only issue I have with this pattern is that there are no instructions for button holes, and I didn’t notice this until after I had worked the yoke, and there was no way I was going to rip all the way back to make a button hole.

The other patterns are Just Hatched Booties and Hello Baby Hat.  I added the pompom.  The entire set used about 250 yards of worsted weight yarn.

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    Click on the blue highlighted words under the 2nd photo of the cardigan. i.e. “Baby boy 5 hour sweater”.

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