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I first knitted a sock, not a pair but ONE sock, a few years ago and I didn’t like the pattern the yarn (self patterning) formed so I didn’t knit the other one.  Fast forward to last month.  I bought a sock yarn that looked OK so I thought I’d try it.  Turns out, I love the stripes.  Of course, it was difficult to make both socks match but I did my best because I knew I wouldn’t wear the socks if they weren’t as close to identical as possible.

While I was knitting the first sock, I tried it on with the needles still in it.  My son saw me and insisted I make him socks, but not just ONE. He pointed to his feet and said “I need TWO socks!”  Hahaha.  He gave me a look that said “look, I have two feet so I need two socks!”  It was quite hilarious.  I didn’t have enough yarn to make the socks like mine so I used a different sock yarn. He LOVED them and wants to wear them all the time.  For my socks, I used Patons Kroy Ragg Shades in Gray Brown Marl, and for my son’s I used Patons Stretch Socks in Licorice.

I did find a mistake in the child’s sock pattern. For the toe, it says: “Repeat rounds 1 and 2 until there the following stitches remain:
Needles 1 and 2: 6 sts
Needle 3: 12 sts”

It should be until Needles 1 and 3: 6 stitches. Needle 2: 12 stitches.  Needles 1 and 3 make the bottom of the foot, and needle 2 makes the top (where the ribbing has been).

My socks are from the same pattern I knitted the one sock years ago.  Turns out, I love knitting socks.  That said, knitting the second sock is not nearly as fun as the first, which is how the Second Sock Syndrome happens.  Now I want to learn to knit two socks at a time on circular needles.

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