Historical Sew Fortnightly #1: Make do and Make Mend.

Challenge description: ” Use this challenge as an opportunity to get your historical wardrobe in order by fixing any little bits that have worn out and gone wrong.  Alternatively, you could focus on the historical precedent of making-do by re-making something into a historical garments, whether it be a bodice from a worn-out skirt, a chemise from old sheets, a bosom-friend from an old cardigan, or a new historical hat from an old modern one etc.  Finally, you could just those people who had to make-do by making something for a historical character who would have scrimped and saved and re-made and mended until the fabric entirely fell apart.”


Woot!  The first installment of the HSF was done with plenty of time to spare! Since my historical wardrobe is not extensive and one piece really needed to be mended, this one was easy.  I made this undertunic to go with a bliaut and I made it using a pattern.  Well, the pattern called for a modern style facing, which I knew was not a good route to take, and it just never sat right.  I was in a bit of a rush when I made it and pinked the raw edges instead of giving them a more sturdy finish.  Needless to say, a wash did not improve the neckline situation.  I removed the facing and narrow-hemmed the neckline.  It looks much better now.

Before redoing the neckline.  Listen, it was late and I hadn’t left the house all day!

After narrow-hemming.

The Challenge: #1 Make Do and and Make Mend

Fabric: Muslin

Pattern: Not applicable for the mending

Year: Circa 11th century

Notions: Thread

How historically accurate is it?  Well, I narrow-hemmed the neckline on a sewing machine so not terribly accurate, I suppose.  The rest of the garment is fine so I’d say about 70%

Hours to complete:  The mending was quick, only a few minutes

First worn: Not since mending

Total cost: Pennies just for the mending

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