Colette Sorbetto

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I’ve been in the mood for lots of sewing lately but I haven’t been in the mood for anything complicated.  I’ve picked up several patterns from my stash thinking “that looks nice,” then put them back again when I see the number of pattern pieces and the fitting time involved.  Then a few days ago I remembered that I had printed out Colette’s Sorbetto to make for the cruise and never got around to it.  It’s just two pattern pieces so it’s nice and simple; I went for it.

I cut out a straight size 12, taking only my bust measurement into consideration.  I didn’t make a muslin, I just cut the dotty fabric right off the bat.  After I sewed the shoulder and side seams, I did a quick fitting and decided I needed to adjust the shoulders by sewing at a slope going about half an inch lower on the outside ends. I have sloping shoulders so that is not surprising, and it fixed some of the armhole gaping that was going on.  I also took in the sides seams considerably starting just below the bust darts.  Even taking in the side seams, I still feel the top is too big.  I also feel the neckline is too wide and the shoulders are definitely too wide.  I retrospect, I should have cut a smaller size through the shoulders, then graded through a 12 at the bust, and down some more at the waist. Also, I should have added a center back seam to make a small swayback adjustment.  The blouse is also a bit short, which is pretty odd coming from me considering I’m barely 5’1.5″.

While I can wear the top as is, and have, it’s a bit tentish.  That said, it may just be a style that doesn’t suit my body shape.  I am currently taking a sloper drafting class (from Craftsy) and I have learned that my body shape is a rectangle, which has made drafting my sloper….interesting…but I degrees. I suppose I will label this as a wearable muslin and made the above adjustments in a future try.  So many people have had success with this pattern that I should give it another try, and maybe try a softer fabric.

The color in the photos isn’t very good, it was early in the morning and the light wasn’t great.  The fabric is the same as this dress.

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  1. Linda

    Shape it with a couple fish-eye darts in the front or back (or both)…. That should alleviate the “tentish” feel… It is cute and does not look bad … it will be cool and comfy for summer!

  2. Alpine Queen

    I just won PR’s tank top contest with this pattern, I know exactly what you mean with your fitting problems. It’s probably our ample fronts that make this pattern difficult. Accept it for what it is, our shape isn’t meant for this style, but you look just fine in it and will undoubtedly enjoy its comfort factor this summer.

  3. Janet

    It is a very nice top. And you look great! I completely agree with Alpine Queen. Biggest challenge for me is not to get carried away with the pattern trends.

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