Costume College 2014 Recap

After months of planning, stressing, anticipation, and even some sewing, Costume College has come and gone and I’m back home.  There were a few bumps on the proverbial road, like the day I spent with a full on migraine and nausea, but overall, it was a great experience.  I was a bit intimidated, I’ll be honest, because it seems like most people there have been attending forever and have their group of friends, and there I was, a lowly first timer. Luckily, I got paired up with a girl who turned out to be a good roommate and companion.  By the time I got into the groove and actually started talking to people, it was time to leave, but I did meet some people so next time I will know someone there.

On Friday, I took a corset class that lasted all day.  The class was a limited attendance class and I was lucky enough to get in.  I had to take my sewing machine with me so that I could actually sew the corset, and that was not as difficult as I first envisioned.  I bought a Tutto case that is just the right size to carry on the plane, which is what I did. This was the day I had the migraine, and I didn’t have my medicine because silly me didn’t pack it.  Migraine and all, I did get far along on the construction of the corset that I can finish it on my own.  I finished the left side and only have to bone and bind the right side.

Over course of the weekend, I attended classes and other events, and often had to pick my jaw up from the floor, courtesy of all the awesome costumes. Costumes! Costumes everywhere!  I was blown away by the incredible amount of talent at that conference.  The costumes ranged from the historically accurate sort to the futuristic and everything in between.  I basically wanted to have them all.  I was a bit shy with the photos because it was my first time and I didn’t know how things worked but I did take some. I came home with a million ideas in my head.  Sew all the things!  The theme for next year is “Plucked from the Pages” with various literary themed events.  The jury is still out on whether I will go or not because it’s a long, expensive trip and that is not even taking into account the expense of making the costumes. After all the plans I had, I ended up with only one new costume, and I have purposefully not discussed it because I wanted to wear it properly before blogging.  I will blog about it once I have processed those pictures and gathered my thoughts.  Stay tuned!  In the mean time, here are the few pictures I did take.

As a side note, there is something quite surreal about watching women in full Georgian, Civil War, Victorian, and otherwise historical garb dancing to “Come On, Eileen” and Bananarama’s “Venus.”



For many, many, many more pictures, visit the Costume College Flickr pool.  But now on to the photos, for real.


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      • Ellen Duran

        I’m planning (saving like a maniac) to go next year, but I just recently got into costuming and it looks pretty intimidating… does everyone wear costumes all the time? How many did you bring with you (or, how many would you recommend)? How much should I be saving (ballpark figure… totally okay if you don’t want to say- I understand!)? 🙂

        • The Serial Hobbyist Girl

          Not everyone wears costumes all the time. During classes, limited or unlimited, participants are asked not to wear costumes, or at least not big ones that distract other attendees. I only took two costumes with me because that is all I had at that point but my goal for next year, if I go, is to have one costume for each event (pool party, ice cream social, gala, and tea) and maybe some retro/vintage dresses for daytime.

          As for expenses, it depends entirely on where you will be traveling from and whether or not you have roommates. I flew from Fort Lauderdale and bought my ticket I think 3 months in advanced. It was about $450. The rate for the hotel was $124 and I had a roommate so we split that. For food, you can eat at the hotel, which is convenient but pricey, or you can go across the street to the mall and eat there. There’s also a PF Chang’s right across the street. Then there’s the shuttle to and from the airport if you are flying. It’s not a cheap trip, to be sure, but it’s much more affordable if you can split costs with someone else or drive there. I still haven’t decided if I want to take on the long trip and cost again but I don’t regret having done so this year.

          I hope that helps!

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