Making the Effie Trinket Costume, Part 2: The Hair Flower Using Vogue 8868



Effie’s hair flower is big and bold, and I wanted to get it right.  Again, my flower is not a replica of the one worn by Effie but it is consistent with her style and it was a good fit for the look.  After much thought, I settled on part of View D of Vogue 8868. The full fascinator has a veil and a comb attached, but I only wanted the flower so I had to make some modifications, mostly for means of attaching the flower to the wig.


I apologize for the terrible photos.  I was working under low light and on the day I wore the costume I didn’t think of taking a better photo of the finished flower.



– Pieces 16 and 15 of Vogue 8868
– Fabric
– Scissors
– Glue gun with sticks or Gorilla/Krazy/Super glue
– Metal clip/brooch back combination, also called pinback clips or fleurettes clips
– Small piece of black felt or felt close in color to the fabric (not pictured)




Cut and assemble the petals from piece 15 (six of them) as instructed by the pattern.  Arrange them so they are evenly distributed.  Once you are happy with the placement, pin them in place. Glue them together in such a way that the glue does not show.




Decide which side is going to be the wrong side.  Cut a round of felt roughly the same size as the round portion of the metal clip, or slightly larger.  Glue the felt to the back of the flower, in the center, where the petals meet.



Apply glue to the inside of the clip circle and press onto the flower, over the felt circle.  Hold in place until well glued.





Cut and assemble piece 16 (two of them) and attach to the rest of the flower as instructed in the pattern.  Allow all the glue to set and dry.  Attach to wig or hair using the alligator clip option of the combo.





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