Making the Effie Trinket Costume, Part 4: The Reaping Bowl

Finally, the last installment of the Effie Trinket costume series!  It has taken me longer than it should have, but that’s how it goes sometimes.

This prop was the most out-of-my-comfort-zone component of the costume. I sew, I knit, etc, but I don’t usually work with wood or anything like it.  When I started thinking about the bowl, I knew what I wanted, I just didn’t know how to get there.  After much searching for the right materials, and one failed trial at the wooden base, I arrived at this way of making it, which doesn’t require any cutting tools.  The size of the bowl is considerably smaller than the one in the film, but I was traveling by plane with it so I had to be practical; I chose a 6 inch bowl.

All the materials came from either Joann’s or Michael’s.  The wooden pieces are found in the woodwork aisles.



You will need: One glass bowl, two small wood rounds, one wooden cap, spray paint in walnut color, wood glue, and super glue (not pictured).

The caps come in an assorted package and are normally used as knobs for little drawers.  The package looks like this:



To make the base of the bowl, glue one wooden round to each end of the cap using wood glue.


IMG_4648_small IMG_4650_small












After the glue is completely dry, spray-paint the base.  Allow the pain to dry before proceeding.




Apply a few dots of super glue to one of the wooden rounds and carefully attach it to the glass bowl.  Press the two pieces together for a few minutes, then put the bowl somewhere safe until the glue has fully dried.



Voila, you have a reaping bowl!



No reaping bowl is complete without the names to be reaped.  I printed “Primrose Everdeen” several times spread out on a sheet of paper, I wanted to make sure that if someone asked me to reap, Primrose would come up.  Cut them out and fold.  For an added touch, I drew a line with a black maker on the outside.



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