Ottobre Woman 2-2015-10 “Sculpture”

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I am determined to get in as much sewing as I can before the semester starts in just over two weeks while also doing my summer work!

This Ottobre top looked so cute on the magazine and so cool, as in great for summer, that I had to try it. I also have tons of lightweight linen stashed so I didn’t have to think about fabric choices too much.  That was good because time is of the essence and I find that it takes me almost longer to choose a pattern/fabric combination than it does to actually sew the garment.


Ottobre Woman 2-2015-10


Ottobre’s name for this pattern is “Sculpture” and I can see where they got the idea.  The blouse drapes very nicely and does look almost sculpted, at leas on the model in the magazine.  It is an asymmetrical blouse with three pleats on the left shoulder that open to the right.  Because of this pleating, the neckline itself is asymmetrical, and the sleeves also hang asymmetrically.  I don’t know how I feel about these last design features though.  The linen will soften and get even drapier (is that even a word?) with washing so I suspect it will begin to hang in a softer manner.


Ottobre Woman 2-2015-10


This was a pretty straight forward construction as it only had two pattern pieces plus the neck binding.  I cut a size 42 (European) and the only alterations I made was shortening the blouse by two inches.  I did not bind with self fabric as the pattern calls for nor in the order it delineates.  Instead, I used similar-color purchased bias binding tape and finished the neckline after I sewed the shoulder seams.  I sewed the tape on by machine and folded it to the inside, but  I hand-sewed the to other end because I did not want a line of stitching on the visible side of the blouse.  I hope that makes sense.

I think, overall, I like the top, and I like how it looks on me.  The only difference between the magazine model and me is that they have larger hips and so the top hugs their hips and pools a bit, which I like.  I have the hips of a teenage boy so the top just hangs down, which is fine too.


This is a silly picture and not very flattering, but it was the best one that shows the pleats.
This is a silly picture and not very flattering, but it was the best one that shows the pleats.


I wore the blouse all day yesterday and it was extremely comfortable.


Ottobre Woman 02-2015-10

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