BurdaStyle 10/2016 #114 Pullover

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So, last year, my first year in the PhD program, I did nothing but read and write for approximately 8 months.  I did nothing creative, I did nothing that took any time away from school work.  It was intense, and I did not like it.  This academic year I vowed to do more of what makes me happy.  Yes, being a PhD student makes me happy, but I mean things OTHER than being a PhD student; things like knitting, sewing, etc.  I vowed to strive for more balance between work – which is what being a PhD student is – and life.

So, I’ve been knitting a lot, I’ve been sewing a lot, and I have even managed to do my school work.  The result is that I am far happier and far less stressed than I was last year.  Of course, some of that has to do with the fact that I am more comfortable with my routine now, but I’m convinced that doing more fun things, and making things, has been an important contributor to the current mood.

Mental and emotional health are important!


BurdaStyle 10/2016 #114


I’m currently obsessed with sewing knits, as you’ll likely notice in the next few posts, and I’ve been sewing my little heart out.  It’s also winter, and I have no long sleeve tops, so I felt there was no time like the present to sew a sweater or two.

The reason I have no long sleeve tops is that it is so difficult to find one that fits well, or at least how I like it, all over.  I’m short so sleeves are always long, hems are always long, and so on.  Plus I’m picky about fabrics.  That’s why I started sewing in the first place.


BurdaStyle 10/2016 #114


A few weeks ago I went to Jo-Ann (I rented a car and drove an hour because I was having withdrawals) and bought some fabric, which included this heathered purple/blue french terry.  It feels so nice on the skin, and it’s quite warm for its thickness.  I had been looking to make this pullover from the October 2016 issue of BurdaStyle magazine so I washed the fabric and got to it.

First, I will say that sewing this was sooooo quick.  I think it took longer to trace the pattern and add seam allowances than it did to construct the garment.  I sewed the entire thing on the serger, which I just upgraded.


BurdaStyle 10/2016 #114


This new serger is also part of the reason why I’m obsessed with sewing knits right now.  It’s so freaking awesome, and it sews so well!  I had (still have, I guess) a Singer Quantumlock whole-bunch-of-numbers serger but I was never truly happy with it.  Lately though, it’s been a nightmare to use so I decided it was time to upgrade.

After much, much, much research, I settled on a Janome 1200D.  It does everything I need it to do, including coverstitch, which was a requisite for me, and it sews like a dream.  It did not come with the extra presser feet that my Singer has, but I’ve had that singer for over 7 years and have never opened the packaging.  No big loss.


BurdaStyle 10/2016 #114


As for the pullover itself, it’s a raglan sleeve, oversized pullover. Oversized is right! Holy mackerel, the pattern runs HUGE!

According to Burda sizing, going by my full bust I am between a size 44 and 46; going by my high bust (the measurement I usually use) I am between 42 and 44. This pullover is a 40 and it’s still huge.  If I make it again, which I likely will, I’ll make it in a 38.  I’d also add some length.

That said, I love this pullover, and I love that it can be layered above other clothing or worn by itself.  In these photos, I am wearing it over a camisole.  The pullover in the magazine has three big buttons on each front raglan seam, but I didn’t have any buttons I liked for it so I opted to leave them out, at least for now.


BurdaStyle 10/2016 #114


I already have more sweater knit fabric for a second version of this pattern or for a similar one.  Like I said, I’m currently obsessed with knits.

On a tangential note…can we talk about the creamy bokeh in these photos?  I bought a new lens today and it’s so amazing!  I love it.  I dragged my husband to the park to take the photos because I was tired of photos in the apartment.  I seriously have to work on my posing, uh.

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