Knitting: Mittens!

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Because of the setup I currently have for sewing, or rather the lack of a working setup, I haven’t sewn anything at all since we moved here, but I have been knitting! I like knitting because you can do it anywhere, and if you are experienced and the pattern is not too complicated, you can even do it while watching TV, which is mostly when I knit  But I digress.

A couple of weeks ago I finished knitting two pairs of mittens, one for me and one for The Monkey.  I actually finished the knitting for mine over a month ago but I hadn’t gotten around to blocking so I did that to both sets at the same time.

For my mittens, I used the Buffalo Nickle Flip Top Mittens pattern.  I had some trouble with the pattern, you can see my notes on the Ravelry page for the project, but they turned out OK at the end.  They are not perfect but not bad for a first attempt at a flip top mitten.  I have not added the button and loop to hold the flap back, and I won’t do it either.



For The Monkey’s mittens, which are not convertible, I used the Gobi Mittens pattern.  This one was a pretty straightforward pattern, very clear, and error-free as far as I could tell.  The kid is over the moon with them.



For both set of mittens I used Juniper Moon Farm Moonshine yarn that I bought at a local yarn shop.  It is a 40/40/20 alpaca, wool, and silk blend and it’s divine not only to knit but also to wear. We’ve both worn then mittens once and they were very warm.  I highly recommend this yarn.

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