The Dual Purpose Apron

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Make all the aprons!

A few weeks ago I was looking through an embroidery design website and I found a tutorial for a pretty nifty and useful apron.  The upper half of the apron is made from regular heavy fabric, and the lower half is made from terrycloth and acts as a kitchen towel that you have you with you at all times while cooking. To facilitate cleaning, the terrycloth part is attached to the apron with velcro.  I don’t think that the website mentioned this, but a detachable terrycloth means you can make multiple towels and wash them more often than the rest of the apron.  How ingenious is that? I’m always drying my hands on my apron so when I found that apron I knew I had to make one for myself, never mind that I have close to 20 aprons already.


The Dual Purpose Apron


The neck strap is adjustable through the use of two D rings, and both sections of the apron are lined, which makes it pretty heavy duty and sturdy.  To add a personal touch, I digitized the font from this website’s heading and embroidered “The Serial Hobbyist Girl” on the bust area.

I love how it turned out.  The most time consuming part was digitizing the font and getting the embroidery set up. It was my first time digitizing font so it doesn’t look great, but I love how it turned out anyway.

You can find the original tutorial here: Cook ‘n’ Clean Apron.

Maybe I’ll do a post about all my aprons sometime this summer, after the move!



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