Fabric Shopping in Seville’s City Center

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I have spent close to four months over two trips in Seville, Spain this year. In that time, I have been to, and perused through, pretty much every single fabric store in the city center, known as Centro. I have not purchased fabric at all of them, but considering I have to carry the fabric home in my suitcase, I have made a decent dent in their stock and in my luggage allowance.

When I first arrived here I looked online for a guide like this one so I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel. Alas, there was not one. The closest thing I found was a blog post from a few years ago that included a couple of stores in Seville as part of a larger, and equally sparse, list on fabric stores in Spain.

So, after all this time, I decided to share with you this list so that if you come to Seville and want to buy fabric, you won’t have to spend days, or four months, finding all the stores in the city center.

This is a pretty comprehensive list of the stores in the center of town, where tourists can go to without venturing deep into Seville. I am certain there are other stores in other parts of town, but there is no need to go that far.

One thing you will notice, maybe not from the photos here but definitely from walking into the stores, is that many of them cater heavily to Flamenca fashions, sometimes devoting entire floors to Flamenca fabrics. Of course, most of these fabrics can be used for regular clothing, and no one at home would be the wiser.

Another thing to keep in mind is that many of these stores close between 2pm and 5pm on weekdays, and most close at 2pm on Saturdays and do not reopen until Monday. Sundays are not shopping days in Seville, or Spain for that matter.

I’ve listed the stores in no particular order and they are close enough to one another that you can visit them all in one outing. Scroll to the bottom for a map.


Tejidos Canales

Calle Alvarez Quintero No.22


This is a small store carrying a big selection of special occasions and bridal fabrics.





Almacenes Velasco

Calle Alvarez Quintero No.33


This store is part of a multi-location business all in the same street/block. This particular location sells ready-made children’s clothes, and has a small fabric section in the back. The fabrics are mostly children’s fabrics but some adult ones can also be found. Just down at the other end of the block is their notions location.





Los Caminos

Calle Francos No.27


This is a small store specializing in special occasions fabric.



Galerias Madrid

Calle Cuna 42


This store has two floors. The ground floor houses the apparel fabrics, including a large selection of Flamenca and special occasions fabric as well as regular fabrics. The other floor houses home dec fabric and sundries. They also have costume fabrics, meaning mostly fabrics used to make the costumes for Semana Santa, ecclesiastical robes, etc.

Additionally, they have a small notions section, which most stores do not have.





Ciudad de Londres

Calle Cerrajeria No.14


Not to be confused with the bridal shop housed in a building by the same name, this store carries various types of fabric. They large selection of pre-cuts that are often discounted by 50%.




Tejidos Cadena

Calle Lagar No.3


This is the smallest of the stores in this list, and the most expensive. They are part of a textile group that is not open to the public, except for this location. They carry very high end fabrics such as Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, etc. The cheapest fabric here is just under €100 per meter. They also offer bespoke clothing services.

They told me they are moving so double check before you go. Their phone number is +34 636 33 88 71.






Dolce & Gabbana fabric.


Almacenes Arias

Calle Puente y Pellon No. 22


This store has it all, flamenca, everyday wear, special occasions, wool, etc.



Tienda Zalez

Calle Don Alonso el Sabio No.6


This is a very cute, small store with a large selection of craft/quilting fabric and children’s fabrics. They also carry some adult apparel fabric, including some Nani Iro. They carry a small selection of craft and children’s sewing patterns, as well as ready-made fabric backpacks.



Julian Lopez

Calle O’Donnell No.23


This is a mammoth store over multiple floors, and it’s part of a chain of stores by the same name with locations around Spain. The ground floor has a large selection of silks, wools, tweeds, coatings, Liberty lawn, and other special occasions fabrics. The top floor is dedicated to Flamenca fabrics but also has their sale stock. The prices here range from €1.50 a meter for cotton lawn on sale to €80 or €90 for wool and other fabrics. They also carry home dec fabric and have a millinery department.





Calle Alvarez Quintero No.18


This is a small haberdashery shop with a small selection of quilting fabric, yarn, etc.




One thing missing from all but one of these stores is sewing patterns. They are just nowhere to be found. I finally asked Nuria, the owner of Zalez, and she told me that the only option locally was sewing magazines, like Patrones, Burda, etc. If you want to buy those, you can find them at most news kiosks around town, or at El Corte Ingles Plaza del Duque de la Victoria. The latter usually has a decent selection of European sewing pattern magazines, in Spanish, of course, and the “prensa” section is all the way at the back of the ground floor, in the left corner.



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