New Cardigan!

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I have been meaning to blog this for two weeks but I just couldn’t get decent pictures taken.  As it is, the pictures are craptastic.  I blame our new point and shoot camera…it is the noisiest damn camera I’ve ever … Continued


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While not strictly sewing related, it is a big milestone that affects my sewing.  I haven’t been sewing much in the way of garments for me, as I said before, because I am on a weight loss program.  I started … Continued

Trench Love

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I will be the first to admit that not only do I not have style, I haven’t really put much effort into acquiring one either.  Only recently (since I started sewing) have I even bothered to actually look at fashion … Continued

And The Winner Is….

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Jen! The fourth commenter (taking into consideration that first comment which was made on Sew Retro) wins!  It so happens that Jen (Jen and Pete) is a local girl whom I have met on two occasions.  I did not realize it … Continued

Three Of A Kind

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A couple of weeks ago I mentioned I was making a tunic from a pattern I had made twice before in hopes that it would end the long line of wadders I had recently experienced.  Well, my plan worked. The … Continued

Yet More Patterns

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Yes, I have been sewing, I’ve even finished a garment but I haven’t gotten around to taking picutres. I received a few (OK, a lot) more patterns in the last couple of days.  Some of them I bought individually and … Continued

Sew June Goes Sew Retro!

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I just joined the very talented ladies over at Sew Retro!  I’m so excited!  So far I haven’t sewn much from vintage patterns, just a few things  here and there from reissued patterns for my son but that’s about it.  … Continued

Stuck in Wadderland

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I’m tired of wadders!  It’s been pretty much wadder after wadder since I finished the first two pieces for the wardrobe contest. Those are the ONLY two pieces I have finished and at this point, I don’t think I’m going … Continued

Vintage Acquisitions

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My first encounter with anything vintage (Chevys aside) was at a very young age though I can’t remember the exact number.  I was vacationing at my great-grandmother’s house in Central Cuba, as I usually did in the summer.  One day … Continued