Collars are hard!

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I am working on the BWOF top for the Wardrobe contest.  I thought it would be an easy project but I didn’t really think it through.  it was all fine and dandy until I got to the collar.  Oh boy!  … Continued

Two Down, Eight to Go

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OK, I have completed two garments for the Wardrobe content.  They are the easiest two and hopefully the worst looking two!  The trousers hang OK and are wearable but really, the fit could be much better.  That said, they are … Continued

My New Sewing Room

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Up until a few weeks ago my sewing “room” was actually my dining room table. The dining room was jammed packed with my junk to the point where we hadn’t eaten dinner at the table in months (we still don’t). … Continued

Soaker Giveaway!

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I have never done a giveaway before mostly because I’m paranoid that no one will enter! I am still paranoid but I think it’s time I give it a shot. As I previously posted, I recently got an embroidery machine. … Continued