We Are Knitters Signage Sweater

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When I first found out about We Are Knitters over a year ago there were two sweaters that stood out to me. One was the Weekend Sweater, which I’ve blogged about already. The other was the Signage Sweater.

I loved the color combination they used for the model, and I really loved the diagonal stripe. I first went with the Weekend Sweater in the same blue that the Signage has and so I was hesitant to knit another sweater with the same color.

But then in the fall they had one of their sales and I thought, what the heck. So, I bought the kit.



I wish you could buy the pattern separate from the yarn but, unfortunately, that’s not how We Are Knitters works.

I chose the size L kit based on the measurements on the website because I wanted a small amount of negative ease around the bust. I have found that with bulky yarns, which The Petite Wool is, oversized sweaters and especially those with dropped shoulders swallow me up, as you can see in the photos of the Weekend Sweater.

My sweater’s circumference measures 1″ more than the pattern claims, which is, quite frankly, close enough.

The size L gives you extra yarn, but in the end I had an entire ball of the blue yarn unused, plus just under half of another one. I also had more or less the same left in the gray yarn and just over half of the one ball of the cream one.

That’s a lot of leftover yarn! My sweater is not particularly small, if anything it’s a tiny bit larger, so I think that We Are Knitters seriously overestimated how much yarn this sweater takes, which means you end up paying for more yarn than you really need.


It was really windy!


Anyhow, the knitting of this thing is not difficult despite the colorwork. The chart is very easy memorize after a few rows and the bulky yarn makes the whole thing fly. The finishing, however, took me forever.

First, I have said many times before that I really do not like seaming knitted garments. I find the process tedious and onerous even though I admit that they usually fit better.

So I avoided that for a while. Second, THERE ARE SO MANY ENDS TO WEAVE IN! So, so many. That too put me off finishing the damned thing for a while too.

To give you a good idea, I knitted the pieces in 9 days. Then it sat for another 10 days until I got around to seaming the shoulders so I could knit the neckline ribbing.

I didn’t start seaming the rest and weaving in the ends until almost a month and a half later, and that took me 3 or 4 days because I’d start and stop.


But the final sweater is great. I love the fit, I love the length of the body and the sleeves and it doesn’t feel like I’m drowning in wool.

It’s certainly not perfect but what is?


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