Knitting Scarves

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I recently moved…again…but it’s only a temporary move so all of my stuff, including sewing things, is still in boxes and will remain there for the next couple of months. Since I’m now sewing or doing school work, I’ve had … Continued

Bunny Blanket Buddy

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This isn’t technically sewing but I’ll be damned if I start another blog!  Besides, I did “sew” by weaving in the ends of the yarn, that’s gotta count for something! Anyhow, I made this cute little “lovey” for a friend’s … Continued

Look Ma, I Can Knit!

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Today I FINALLY finished a knitting project for the first time EVER!  It is a very simple shrug knitted in stockinette stitch.  It is a big rectangle that is then sewn to make pseudo-sleeves.The most difficult part was working with … Continued

Lots of Books and Magazines!

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Remember those ridiculously expensive knitting books I talked about?  Well, they arrived today and they are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!  Beautiful.  The great thing is that because two of them are from the summer/spring collection I will actually be able to make stuff … Continued